ISBN & ISSN- Barcodes for Books and Magazines

The standard EAN-13 and UPC-A Barcode numbers we supply are not suited for Books & Magazines.

Books require an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) using a range of numbers reserved especially for print publications.

To obtain an ISBN for Pakistan please visit to download and fill out an application form.

For magazines an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is required.  There is no National ISSN Centre in Pakistan.  However you can request one from

Once you have your ISBN or ISSN numbers you’ll need to have an image generated as an EAN-13 code (or ISBN/ISSN + 2). This is so you can include the barcode on your publication’s cover artwork file. Properly formatted ISBN 13 images display the human readable text above and below the code.  We can assist you with generating correctly formatted ISBN and ISSN code images for your publication.  Simply email us at with your ISBN or ISSN number and we can arrange a quote and Special Order.

Example of an ISBN barcode image supplied by Barcode Savers. JPEG format at 600 DPI.